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Common Sense Solutions ~ Improve Writing Skills

According to Merriam Webster, common sense is about exercising “sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts”. I love this definition of common sense. The part  about “exercising” is very important. It implies that it takes practice and repetition to have common sense. It is a skill that can be taught and improved upon if someone is willing to to practice!

For me personally, most common sense skills begin with pointing out the obvious. What skills do you need to be a great writer? A couple come to mind, like grammar skills, spelling skills, proofreading, patience and creativity.

Some common sense solutions might be, use spell check, use grammar check and pay attention to the changes that need to me made.  Make it part of your routine to notice your improvements and how few times you need to make corrections.

What about creativity? Try some writing prompts.  See if you can find 10 synonyms that you can wind into a post. 

A great way to proofread is to read the piece out loud into an recorder (you can use your phone.) Play it back and you can be certain that you will hear the issues.

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