Silence of innocents

Hello My friends, sorry I haven’t been active as much as I should be but I have been looking for something to share with you all that will touch your hearts more ways than one & I do think that you can relate to this too.

We all know about there are some kids that are artistic & very creative & hard to learn certain things in life that they have special schools & places for kids that have a learning disability to teach them things that will help them later on in life, I know some of them kinds of kids as I use to help them back in the 70’s so sad.

It’s hard to get through to some that just don’t want or can’t understand what you are trying to do with them to help them learn good from bad & sometimes it can test your patients so thin that you get lost on where to turn so they end up in a place that is even worse for them to learn the things they need to learn & that’s really bad.

It breaks my heart when I see these kinds of kids & knowing what they are dealing with is NOWHERE close to what normal understanding people go through everyday & don’t even try to put OUR selves in THEIR shoes for 10 mins of what they deal with every min of everyday that so many people just give up on them that’s so sad.

I just watched this awesome movie & couldn’t help but to think how this could ever happen to a innocent child that is struggling in life with his disabilities & for someone to take advantage of his innocence like he has it’s SO wrong of people to do the things they do to those that aren’t as normal as most of us are it’s just WRONG.

God put kids in our lives for a reason & it’s NOT what cruel people of this earth should EVER do to a child that has disabilities just cause they can’t speak or defend themselves from the bad people that’s so cruel & mean God see’s & knows what mean evil people do to others & he will bring them to justice when the time is right.

But there’s another reason why I wanted to share this with you, it shows how passionate others can be if given the right chance to change things in this world of evilness among us & to stand up for our rights as well as for those that can’t speak & defend themselves & how WE the PEOPLE can make a difference in this world. :>}

Thank you all for reading & watching the video I hope this will inspire you to help others that has struggles in their lives to make their world a better place to live it’s not ALL just about the normal people it’s about ALL of us TOGETHER in making this nation a better place hallelujah amen share this with your friends if you agree. 


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  1. This reaches on a multitude of levels.
    First, thank you for speaking up for those of us who struggle to find the very words which we already know will fall upon deaf ears.

    People can either accept the injustice or resist it. But the resistance is a difficult thing because there is a price to pay, in speaking up about anything and most people just CAN’T think beyond their own ears or see beyond their own nose.

    It’s just hard to give a damn.

    What brings me peace, though, is understanding there is not a single speck of dust out of place in this Universe.

    There is not a single note of laughter – there is not a single tear – not in accordance with the plan.

    • it’s like most people don’t want to know what’s going on & don’t really care
      as long as it don’t effect THEM they rather just turn away & THAT’S not right.

      I can’t help but to shudder when people are done wrong IF they don’t deserve it
      but think it’s OUR fault they are where they are like WE owe them something.


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