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Comic/Manga Poll

Do you read comics/mangas? Do you prefer cartoons or Japanese Manga?

What kind of topics/humour or art style appeals to you? Do you think the story is the most important or the drawing?

I’m pretty sure many artist (and creative people) are curious about these too…

So why not a poll about it?

  • Manga style or cartoonish?

    • Manga
    • Cartoonish
  • Coloured or Black & White?

    • Coloured
    • Black and White
  • How much time do you usually spend reading comic/manga?

    • 7 day a week
    • 3-4 days a week
    • 1-2 days a week
    • Less than 1 day a week
    • Only when I’m bored
  • Where do you read your comics?

    • Digital copy on my portable devices
    • Digital copy on my computer
    • Physical book
    • Newspaper and Magazine
    • Websites like Tapastic…
  • Do you prefer long stories or short stories?

    • Long stories of more than 10 books
    • Short ones of about 1-5 books
    • 1-6 panels ones
    • Collection of short stories
  • Genre?

    • Horror
    • Adventure
    • Action
    • Romance
    • Sci-fi
    • Humour (of all kinds)
    • Family/Kinship
    • Medical
    • Superheroes
    • Drama
    • Psycho-thriller
    • Mystery
  • You’ll be more attracted to storyline or art?

    • Depends
    • Storyline
    • Art
  • What needs to be present for you a good story (Manga/Comic)?

    • Some form of romance
    • Good looking characters
    • Engaging conversations
    • Some humour
    • Social norms/problems
    • Some mystery

What do you think?

11 points

Written by alibb

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