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Rhino Records Mural

So the Rhino Records store in Claremont wanted mural and opened a contest to the public. I wanted a piece of that. I actually went up on the roof and measured everything out and then gave them a 12:1 mockup

Can you guess how many rhinos are in my mural? My entry had the highest by far…

part 1

I decided to start out with a literal approach to a rhinoceros depiction. Nothing fancy, but you gotta start somewhere...

    • The client said my presentation was by far the most professional, which is kinda sad since I was a student at the time and one of the other applicants was an instructor of mine. But they really just didn’t want to pay for a mural…

    • These are mostly African Rhinos but I do have some Indian Rhinos as well, that’s close to your neck of the woods. There are also a few imaginary breeds…

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part 3

There is something special about the wardrobe- it is tilted at the same angle as the pipe which was physically there. My design was also the only one to account for that...

part 2

Then I went Battle Angel Alita, who has noting to do with rhinos. But there is a HR Geiger rhino in the junkyard...

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recursive rhinos

Literally stole a page from the master himself, MC Escher. Here is my proof of concept for the bit of art you see in the second and third panels. Told you I was an Escher fan...

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part 4

The orange rhino logo on the right? that's the existing sign of the store. I think one or two other applicants tried to work it into their designs

I love those little birds watching the chess game

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