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Colorful pansies

Pansies are one of the most popular garden flowers in the world, as this flower last for a long time, in my country a pansy means a romantic and lasting love.

On many occasions it is offered by those who claim to convey the message of a love that will never be forgotten. A powerful love, whose memories will remain in thought that is why the Pansy is associated with mother’s love, a love that does not end, that it is infinite.

These ones are from my garden and I hope you like it.

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Written by Maria

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  1. Impatiens are treated like annuals even though they are actually perennials. The small, colorful blooms are easy to grow and simple to maintain. Plant impatiens, which look like pansies in blossom structure and size, in a partially-shaded spot. Impatiens will wither in face of too much sunlight.

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