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Cold weather tech gear to wear, if you have cold weather!!!

Cold weather tech gear, something I always think about. The onset of the cold air makes those of us without fur coats cold. The dogs both have jackets for when it is really cold (anything below 12 degrees they wear their jackets). But the humans don’t always have the same ability to just, well add a jacket to a natural fur coat. Even, though the Laboroadors often look quizzically at the humans for not have a fur coat. So come the harsh days of winter, it is important that humans find other ways to stay warm. That brings me to the cold weather tech portion of the post. Sorry, I took the long way through explaining why the post was focused on cold weather tech. To my friends in the tropics, well this stuff doesn’t apply.

The first to consider is a jacket. Now, the reality of a jacket is that you have two options. The first is to wear two, or three jackets combined. We, the walkers of our hours other than the four-legged walkers, have sweatshirts with hoods we can put under jackets. The outer shell you wear has to be waterproof in case it snows while we are out and about.  The jacket needs to be flexible enough that you can move while you are walking. We often have to stop and adjust dog harnesses and things like that while walking. Over the past four years, I’ve tried some jackets. I settled on the Ravaen heated jacket this year, and it was amazing on Monday (high Monday was 15 degrees. But the windchill was 10 degrees below zero when we were walking). Ravaen is a down jacket that is lightweight so it can be worn with or without the battery. The battery also can charge your phone and other devices that have USB cables.

The jacket also has a heated hood.

We got Balaclava’s last year; the twins hate theirs I like mine. It fits and covers your face from the wind nicely.

Finally, there is the reality of globes and eye cover. I have a pair of ski goggles I use that is perfect for covering my face and shielding my eyes from the sun. The Googles keep my face covered as well. The gloves I have are also heated and also come from Ravaen. The gloves are nice, cover my hands and keep everything nice and toasty warm!

Cold weather tech is really important if you have cold weather of course!

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