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Choosing only peace loving fish for the aquarium

Not all fish are peace lovers. Take the fighter fish for example.   They look beautiful and come in different colours but they kill fish.  They even destroy each other

We had a bitter experience when we chose to have several fighters in our aquarium as they looked pretty  We then avoided them.

There are other aggressive fish too and here is a list

“Goliath tiger fish, vampire tetra, snakehead fish, peacock bass, giant wolf fish, alligator gar, Arowana, and Piranhas, especially the red belly and black piranha. These are voracious carnivores favoring a meat-based diet”

Source: Google

Apart from avoiding fish that is aggresive on needs to keep the aquarium clean.  It is not necessary that one should empty the aquarium to do that.  Just take some cotton and clean the insides and yes once in a way it could be emptied for proper cleaning.

Some instal air pumps.  We never did that  We had those scavenger fish that eat away dirt.

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