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Change of weather and health

If you think that weather affects your health, you are likely to suffer from meteoropathia, that is hypersensitivity to climate change. For example: before the basket starts to blow, your head gets sick, and when you approach a new atmospheric front, you become irritable. In fact, a person begins to feel the symptoms even before the time changes. As soon as it is stabilized, the symptoms are reduced and soon disappear. Due to atmospheric changes in air pressure, the level of fluid that swings the joints changes, causing pain in the bones. The sudden changes in air pressure due to changes in time affect the nervous system and there is depression, irritability and poor mood.

The storm will first be felt by rheumatists. Changes in weather conditions are characteristic of rheumatic diseases. The main disorders of this group of patients are pain, stiffness of the joints and muscles, reduced work activity and nerve lability, which is most often caused by the influence of the fronts, increased moisture and the decrease in atmospheric pressure. These patients are true representatives of the weather forecast and they are the first to feel the change of time.

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