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Change and Adaptation ~ Black and White Friday

A dry leaf falls on the leaves of other plants. Really it’s nothing, even difficult to be called an event. Usually, it will only be part of the maid’s job to sweep the yard. Of course, it depends on who sees. But, does anyone see and pay attention to it?

Seven months later, a dry leaf from the same tree fell in the same place. But the four-dimensional world with its duality and the seasons it provides has also provided a different atmosphere. Again, this is also not important. However, there is something that can be noted from both, nature and its parts are always adaptable, always adjusting. How about us? How much, and how fast are we able to adapt to everything in life?

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  • Do you know what has made it different?

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  1. The second photo looks like the backside of the leaf. Either way, they are both great photos and say a lot about stability and change in our lives. I constantly learn so much from nature. We are forced to adapt and it comes natural for things in nature to adapt. It is called survival.

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