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Black and White Friday – universe of endless possibilities

Today I write so much about nature so let this post with a piece of nature (no matter it’s in black and white only) will be again on the same theme. 

Nature heals us. I see it every time I do photo sessions in forests, meadows, lakes, dunes, river bends. I can watch how the urban stress that I bring with me, and the mind overwhelmed by mechanical thoughts calm down, the facial muscles, the body relaxes, the cheeks fill with red, and the eyes with life-mingling light.

Humans are born again and again in nature as pure babies emerge out of the cool waters’ embrace. Everything is so simple, being is a gift when we feel the natural continuation of nature.

I didn’t understand it in the past, lived in a jungle of asphalt, concrete, and speed, and never felt the change of seasons, how full of life forms is a simple trunk of wood.

I closed every minute of my time in the productivity jail, flew, hurried, pursued, and fell into bed in the evening in my bedroom with a soul-crushing ceiling. But nature meets us with an open and limitless sky where time and space dissolve. And I am born again and again, raising my eyes to that universe of endless possibilities.

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