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Cat and health….

A study conducted at the University of Minnesota found that people who have cats also have a lower risk of heart attack. After 10 years of research, it turned out that cats owners have a 30 percent lower risk of infarction compared to people who do not have these animals.Reducing the risk of infarct by 30% is not a joke and we really have something to thank our pets. Namely, cats owners have lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, and fewer heart rate than those who do not have a cat.In addition to reducing the risk of infarction, cats promote the secretion of oxytocin in the brain. This hormone is important for the body because it causes satisfaction and is also called the hormone of love and happiness. His secretion has a healing effect on the human body.Cats also promote the secretion of serotonin and dopamine, which reduce stress and stabilize the functioning of our immune system.Various studies have found that cats positively affect a range of psychological and physical disorders in humans. For example, cats owners are less likely to suffer from depression, have lower blood cholesterol levels, and rarely go to a doctor.The psychological effect of cats on humans is not negligible. Studies that have dealt with this topic have shown that cats positively influence the psyche of a man by reducing aggression, increasing empathy, and promoting learning ability.

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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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  1. I love all animals and I believe any animal can de stress you. However, if a person chooses to have any animal, they should look after them and treat them really well.
    People do awful things to cats. I have a neighbour who cares for 3 cats. One of them was found as a kitten with other kittens in a plastic bag by a football club. All of them adopted the kittens.
    The other 2 were brother and sister and were abused.

    Unfortunately in New Zealand, cats kill our endangered birds and once they are gone, there is none left. My personal view is if a person wants a cat, keep it enclosed indoors and in a large closed off area when it cant kill birds.

    I have a budgie and that is wonderful, he is always cheerful and speaks to anyone who comes.
    I have the neighbours cats who make a point of asking for cat biscuits and they get it.

    When the cats are not looking the blackbirds and thrushes eat the cat biscuits.

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