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Can death occur suddenly upon rising from sleep?

You have often heard of instances in which a healthy, well- strong person suffers sudden death, In addition to an accidental accident, the death usually occurs at night in the home.Such people are apparently healthy and have no life-threatening illness, So their sudden death is astonishing.

One of the most common actions in our daily life can cause us to die in ignorance, This is the process of waking up at night and suddenly getting out of bed. Most of us wake up from deep sleep in the night because we need to go to the washroom or drink water. In such case Suddenly getting out of bed can be very dangerous.

We spend many hours sleeping at night, and our heart rate slows down and blood flow become reduce to our brain. In such case our heart beat may unbalance, while due to the lack of blood access to the brain, the heart may suddenly stop.To avoid this situation it is important to avoid getting up immediately after waking up from sleep.

When your eyes open, lie on the bed for at least one and a half minutes, Then get up on the bed and sit in that position for 30 seconds. Then hang the legs below the bed and spend the next half minute in the same position.

Within two and a half minutes, blood flow to your brain and all other parts of the body will be restored and there will be no risk of falling or any other serious situation while standing.

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