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Can artificial things make us happy?

“Deceive me, lie to me sweetly” I hear words of the song. After all, people so often feel comforted even by fake compliments.

We dye our hair to hide the gray strands, though we know it’s fake. And the movie about perfect love is making us cry – even though we know it’s just an actors’ performance. The kids skating on artificial ice – it’s not true ice but joy teh same as if skating on the iced lake.

Don’t we need it today – the joy? And it doesn’t matter that sometimes it’s just artificial and fake.

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  • Can artificial things make us happy?

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    • No


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  1. As a child, I had great fun swimming and rafting on an artificially man-made lake in the summer. I might be artificial as you say but if it can bring you pleasure there is nothing wrong with it