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Brainwashing and the fragmentation of society

Another week of lockdown ended and it seems it was one of the last ones here. It ends with a bang and lightning. Warm summer rain fell. Natural colors took on even more brightness.

Now about people’s colors… All over the world, white people are kneeling on their knees and asking for the forgiveness of their black brothers and sisters. Those who kneeled do not really understand why they kneeled. Most kneeled just because others did it. And those who kneel first will kneel at anything because only captive people kneel. Only empty-minded beings can kneel at absolute marasmus, for someone’s past sins or for money.

Repentance is not a bad thing, but repentance is needed for what you have done yourself. You need to be able to forgive yourself for the mistakes of the past, learn from them, and try not to repeat them. Mass repentance cannot be sincere, especially when it comes to vague things.

What does “black lives matter” mean? Those who claim this are the simplest Hypocrites. Weren’t they important before the event in Minneapolis? And what about the lives of native reds? Hundreds of millions were killed. They still live in the wilderness reserves today. 

And why don’t matter the lives of the yellow people, why doesn’t anyone remember the Koreans who were burned alive by napalm, the Vietnamese killed by Agent Orange, or the Japanese destroyed by atomic bombs? Red and yellow-skinned people are also killed at the hands (or feet) of cruel manic policemen. As white-skinned people too. When will we apologize to them?

Maybe you think there aren’t any white cops killed by a black gangster (and vice versa)? We will certainly count more than one and not ten of them.

The conclusion is that nothing can be absolute! A racial, ethnic, or social group cannot be held responsible for the crimes of several scoundrels. Group responsibility is brainwashing and the fragmentation of society. Let’s end this marasmus! 

Especially stop all those devastating riots that are not a way to protest against injustice.

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  1. Yes, often people miss the bus or ignore the point, that is why I wrote the post that everyone matters.
    All life matters..

    I agree with you, people often think as a mass and are completely stupid. We are all responsible for our own actions..

  2. In the US Constitution, it states that a Black person is valued as three-fifths of a person. That means that the life of a Black person has technically not mattered for the entirety of US history within America.
    The issue is that Black lives have to officially matter within the construct of the American society or the entire foundation will fall.

    • I understand that situation in the US is completely different from my country but I nohow understand how destroying and burning everything on the way, black people will earn respect and honor. The beautiful country now turned in an apocalyptic view. Is it what all protestors wanted?
      Why hot to protect peacefully as it is still the best way instead of ruining your own country and beating and killing innocent people.
      I am for protests but only peaceful, and would never take part in any riots whatever the goal would they carry on…


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