Better life?

Gradually – slowly but surely – much better times came. Unexpectedly, but decisively, the long-awaited miracle happened: you look, if you are not lazy, at the expiration dates of the goods, and you sigh happily: oh, sour cream, which is valid for another three weeks.

The sausage will not only be eaten but – as it is written – the best until Christmas. Pasta can live longer than you – they will expire in three years. You will be able to leave them to relatives as your testament. This beautifully packaged, slightly plastic cake with all its cream can live till winter. Buy a cake in the summer and you can welcome the New Year with it. 

No worm lives in those apples, and that apple tree has not seen an aphid in its life.

Beer never getting sour. A wine not aging for decades. Eternal vodka…

And then you want even more: plastic non-aging windows. Home repairs that do not fade, wear out, never be changed. Eternal friendships. Eternal love. Fast-acting pills for all pain and vaccines – for all possible diseases of the world.

Best children that are always calm, obedient, only very well educated, always and everywhere leading.

Comfortable, easy-to-train dogs. Attached and loving cats. Wise parrots. Loyal aquarium fishes.

And the most important thing here, of course, is not that particular choice. The most important thing is the unpleasant realization that you have to choose every moment. Constantly.

Choose and be responsible for your choice.

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