What is a Spiritual War?

Monday, March 23, 2020

I decided to watch this video, which is this celeb psychic’s first live stream. She talks about what’s going in the world nowadays. And, she feels that it will last until June. She feels this is all about a Spiritual War. Exercising is important during this time because it raises your vibrations.

It is interesting that this psychic feels similar things about certain actors that I often blogged about, and I am not psychic. Most of the stuff she is say is very obvious without psychic skills. It just requires being alert and researching.

Madonna tweets “murdering a bowl of pasta.” I wonder if this means all the Italians dying from Coronavirus?

I agree that Sylvia Browne sucks. I have watched a couple of episodes of her talk show on TV, and she was total crap.

I have a feeling 5G has radiation. I just received a notification on my iPhone from T-Mobile about 5G that it is now available.


What do you think?


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