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Black and white Friday – remembering winter…

It’s my city in the photo that I shot in the last winter. looking for the photo that I would share for this challenge, my eys captured this one. Maybe because it is a big contrast with the views I was surrounded all last week: heat, sun, warm water, and sand…And here is snow and cold. Just perception alone that I again will have to survive the winter soon makes me unhappy. Of course, I love white beauty in my garden when I get up and look through the window; of course, I love walks when the snow murmur under my soles. But the winter is too long for me and too cold.Sometimes I think, I was born in a bad place just because of the winter season. I love everything here to except long winters.

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  1. I like winter because our summers are sometimes like living in a sauna and sleep is difficult. However, I am not so sure I would want long and cold either. So don’t blame you.
    Never seen snow up close.
    Nice photo.