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Black and White Friday – you can color your life

Sometimes people are categorical. Sometimes I get categorical. Everything is black or white – everything is good or… just bad. Sometimes people like to be blind – never notice that the glass is still half full. I don’t know if traveling or looking through the keyhole for a different life elsewhere, but something wakes up you one morning and you understand there are not just black and white colors in life.

Peace is light green, faith is bluish. Love is pink and passion is a rich red. Sadness is gray, and anger is black. The joy of the moment radiates yellow, the hope radiates white. Life is colored. Like a rainbow shining through a tiny drop of rain, through timid sunlight. It is up to me to choose the colors of the crayons that I will take in my hand, what will draw today on my still white piece of paper.

I can! I can color. Bright, charming, happy. Draw the sun and smile, even though the window is raining and the cold wind is blowing.

Today, my glass is definitely half full. Today, I promise not to spill it by the edges, pull out all the colored crayons from the drawer, blow off the dust and… live a little differently. And see life differently that in my photo…

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