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Basil Fried Egg – 365 Photos Challenge # 2

This is one of our lunch yesterday – basil fried egg. My family likes to eat basil except my daughter. It’s also very easy to grow, hence we have a few basil plants in our garden. Sometimes I just put the basil together with other dishes I cook, sometimes I use it to fry egg or rice too.

I actually did not plan to cook basil yesterday, but my eldest son just suggested it. He went to the yard, picked some basil leaves and washed them. Here it is, our favorite basil fried egg.

You can see some small pieces in white on top of the leaves, those are actually chopped garlic. I chopped them for my another dish, but my youngest son just added them on top of the egg when I was frying. He even ate them raw. I did not expect him to like the taste and smell of the raw garlic.

How do you usually cook the eggs?

Image credit: @kaka135

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You can read more about this 365 Photos Challenge here which was started by @artbytes26

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