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BASF attempts to ditch Monsanto

Back in February, a farmer in Missouri won a $265 million lawsuit against BASF and Monsanto due to their pesticide dicamba destroying each and every fruit tree at the farmer’s orchard.  The pesticide was sprayed in an adjacent field, but the dicamba drifted over to his orchard.  

WIthin the lawsuit, the compensatory damages were $15 million while the punitive damages were $250 million.  After the verdict, BASF and Monsanto appealed this case to the US federal court in Missouri.  The appeal began last week, and BASF shocked the judge with their request.

BASF was willing to split the compensatory damages with Monsanto and pay the $15 million because both companies manufacture the pesticide.  However, BASF requested that only Monsanto should pay the punitive damages of $250 million because Monsanto makes the genetically modified (GMO) seeds that are resistant to dicamba.  

Before the trial begins, the judge will have to determine who will be liable for paying the damages to the plaintiff.  If BASF is looking to ditch Monsanto, then you should be looking to stop using Monsanto as well.

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