Fast and Furious: Dicamba Drift

Documents in a court case in Missouri shows that executives at Monsanto fully knew that weedkiller dicamba would drift to other fields and kill other people’s crops and fruits before they released dicamba publicly in 2017.

The trial in question is in regards to a civil lawsuit filed by Bader Farms against Monsanto in Cape Girardeau, MO.  Since the headquarters of Monsanto are also in Missouri, the agricultural giant was not allowed to withhold documents due to Missouri state law.

In this case, hundreds of fruit trees at Bader Farms were destroyed by the dicamba drift.  Crops are only able to withstand the effects of the herbicide if they have been genetically modified.  Due to the dicamba drift, Monsanto has received over three thousand complaints in three years.


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  1. Monsanto GMO practices destroy the natural ecosystem in our environment. Keep up the good work in your research, study and exposing darkness in truth and light. It’s every human’s duty to know all these facts and take care of our earth. Thank you!

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