Bayer to appeal $265 million judgment

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As expected, Bayer will be appealing the $265 million verdict that the US federal court ordered Monsanto and BASF to pay Bader Farms for the dicamba drift destroying all of his peach trees.  Dicamba is a toxic pesticide that causes nerve damage and blue lips in humans and that destroys all forms of plants.  The issue with dicamba is that the pesticide drifts from one field to the next.

This case will be appealed to the US Circuit Court of Appeals.  Bayer has 30 days to appeal the case.  There are twelve regional US Circuit Court of Appeals throughout the country.  No decision has been made as to which court will hold the appeal.  Bayer is looking to get ahead of this litigation so that it does not create an avalanche of lawsuits similar to the over 50,000 cases filed against Bayer regarding the herbicide known as RoundUp.


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