Monsanto and BASF knew about the dicamba drift

Back in February, a farmer in Missouri won a $265 million (USD) settlement against Monsanto and BASF due to the pesticide dicamba that drifted from an adjacent field into his orchard.  The pesticide made by Monsanto and BASF then destroyed all of the peaches in his orchard.

Documents from this court case were released last week that show that employees from both corporations wholeheartedly knew that the dicamba drift would happen each and every time the pesticide was used.  However, they covered up this information back in 2009 in order to profit and to prey upon farmers.  

The problem with the pesticide is that dicamba has a low pressure point.  The calculated vapor pressure point is at 25 degrees Celsius (57 degrees Fahrenheit).  If the temperature is above that point, then the dicamba vaporizes and spreads to adjacent fields.


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