Bayer reeling after losing another major lawsuit


Bayer thought that they would be in the clear after being on the cusp of reaching a $10 billion settlement with over 50,000 litigants that have contracted cancer from using the herbicide RoundUp manufactured by Monsanto.  Bayer bought the agricultural giant in 2018.

However, a ruling over the weekend in a federal court in Missouri has left Bayer reeling.  The US federal court awarded Bader Farms $265 million in damages after the farmer’s peach trees were destroyed by dicamba, a pesticide that is also made by Monsanto.

Here is a statement from Bayer spokesperson Susan Luke.

“We want our customers to know that, as this legal matter continues, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering them the effective and sustainable tools they need in the field.”

The problem is that these tools are effective at damaging people and the environment.  Also, Bayer will not be able to sweep all of these cases away because the RoundUp cases were filed in state court.  This case and future dicamba cases will be filed in federal court.  The only viable option for Bayer is to appeal these cases to the US Circuit Court of Appeals.  If Bayer does not win the appeal, then the last resort will be to the US Supreme Court.


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