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Animals of the Rainforest ~ #11 GREEN ANACONDA

The last post of my Rainforest Animals series.

The green anaconda is one of the largest snakes in the world, reaching over 30 feet in length, 12 inches in diameter, and weighing over 550 pounds. Due to its size, it is quite cumbersome on land, but it is stealthy in the water.

One of the most feared animals in the Amazon Rainforest, the anaconda is an expert swimmer and never found far from water.

Anacondas bear live young snakes. The life span of the Anaconda can extend from 15 – 30 years.

Not my favorite animal by a long shot. However he deserves to be added to the series.

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  1. Interesting information. I have seen anaconda only once. It was in a zoo where they had a rainforest. The snake was lying in a log and since it did not move I petted it and then it raised its head and I quickly left.


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