And finally…………………

Trump finally wears a mask after a lot of ado for nothing. He is seen here at the Ford Plant tour.  But he wore it only inside the Plant. This mask was presented to him by Ford Management that has a Presidential seal.

He has no plans to wear it in public.  Some idiosyncrasy is what I notice.  The leader has to set an example and this explains why scores of Americans roam around without wearing masks. 

This also explains why cases are rising by the day as also deaths. 

  • Are you wearing a mask or following Trump’s example?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. Good for him to have decided on his own to wear a mask inside the Ford plant.

    No, I have not worn a mask eversince. But I respect thoae who do.
    I tried once, but it felt suffocating breathing in my own CO2.


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