How can this ever work for “US” the american people?

Hello Folks, well as bad as I hate to write this it has come up that there’s some very unhappy people with Trump he has signed a bill only HRS old & didn’t read it cause of the time limit on it from the left of ALL people :>{ & I can’t much blame people for being upset & all over this but we have to have faith in WHY he did it in the 1st place, he has something up his sleeve you can believe that, everyone seems to think he has thrown us UNDER the bus signing this bill B-4 reading it, but there’s SOMETHING else going on.


I know there’s a lot of people that’s beside themselves on what he has done but DON’T lose hope just yet, he will pull something out of the hat & we’ll get through this I have faith that he will do the right thing for the people, you have to have trust in what you don’t hear or see this CAN’T be the last straw if you take a few mins to listen & think & read between the lines there’s a reason WHY he did this.

After everything he has done SO far for the people, this isn’t nothing more than another way to do what the Democrats have been TRYING to do every since he made president & now their ALL beside themselves, they have pushed him into a corner (SO SAY) they THINK they got him RIGHT where they want him but folks let me tell you something this man is NO DUMMY I grant you that.

Yes there’s some good & some bad in this bill, but in the long run things will work out in OUR favor wejust need to give it all time to play out & keep our faith in how things CAN go from this point on & inthe good lords hands, as we know he knows what’s going on & how to make it ALL go in our favor.

Just cause it don’t sound right don’t mean it can’t or won’t work for us, Trump isn’t too happy about thiseither but he didn’t want another shut down & to keep THAT from happening he signed it yes I KNOWwhy would he sign something without reading it well that’s a good question BUT he really din’t have time.

A lot of people feel he could have vetoed it maybe so but then we would have to think about what that would do? there’s all kinds of should of, would of, could of’s on this, but what you seem to don’t understand is HOW the gov works, there’s a lot of things that go into doing a job of this nature & it’s not that simple.

The president has a LOT of things to consider on JUST how to make everything go right in OUR favor& he has to go through a LOT of OTHER people to get where he wants to go in getting us in the RIGHT PLACE not to mention a lot of people he REALLY don’t want to go through but has NO choice either.

This explains everything that I just said of the people he has to go through to get things done forhim to get what he wants & what WE need to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN please listen to this.

With that ALL said Thank you for your time & comments May God be with us & Trump to makeamerica great again cause you & me both know we SURE need this in more ways than anythingelse we could ask for things NEED to change & if this is the way to do it then we need to supporthim cause just think what we’d have if a Democrat gets in office what THEY would do for us.


What do you think?

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  1. There is a song called “United We Stand.” What concerns me is that this nation being divided will have to learn a very hard lesson that we all lose if we turn away what made America great. Keep our eyes on the Heavenly prize.