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An Empty Nest

Every year the sunbirds redo their nest and use it to raise their family . I always like the way they decorate their nests with some shiny strings or glitter paper. They seem to love to build their nests either in the lime tree or the pomegranate trees (bushes actually)

This nest was built in my friend’s lime tree and has been used by generation of birds for over five years now. This year sadly the nest made with coconut fiber, twigs, strings and dry leaves has been hanging unused. The birds have been coming there but they have not attempted to redo the nest or even peek into it.

Its very sad that we won’t be seeing these birds babies now. My friend’s young daughter is a budding ornithologist and is very upset about it. So we have decided to find out if there are anyways to make the birds come back. The ants in that area could be one of the reasons, so my little friend has been working to get rid of the ants using sprays of dishwash soap and borax powder.

I am just hoping and praying that the birdies will be there back again.

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  1. The predominant birds in our area are the Raven and the Turkey Buzzard. The Raven is the state bird of Maryland!

    I love watching birds. I love most of all watching the gentle soaring flight of hawks.

    I hope the sunbirds return and gift your friends budding young scientist with birds to watch and discover!

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