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Alphabet Crazy Challenge: A for Autumn

I just joined Virily for a couple of days. When I roam around the sites,  I see several posts about Alphabet Crazy Challenge. I think it’s a fun challenge to do and I really enjoy reading others’ posts as well. However, I thought that this challenge already going for quite some time because I saw a post already on alphabet W.

I’m curious to find more info about this challenge and finally, I found the original post for this challenge created by alibb. She started this challenge in August. I know it’s really late, but I still want to participate in this challenge.

To make it more interesting and challenging for me, I will do this challenge to share about A-Z that I love and for the A is Autumn.

Among all of the season, I’m a big fan of Autumn. I love everything about Autumn especially its vibe. It’s not that hot like summer, but not that cold like winter. It’s just what I called “in the middle”.

I also like Autumn because it’s the perfect time for me to wear my favorites fashion items like the sweater, long coat, scarf, and ankle boots.

The color scheme on Autumn is something pleasant for me to see. The red, the brown, the yellow, and the orange. It just screams warm and vintage in my ears.

If any of you interested to join this challenge, you can check alibb’s original post here.

Image Credit: Pixabay

  • What is your favorite season?

    • Spring
    • Summer
    • Autumn
    • Winter


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Written by Haraka

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  1. Glad to have you here. And good for you for tracking down the origin on this challenge. There are many one here there we try to keep going. Just to give you ideas on something to post.

    I enjoy spring and autumn.

  2. Welcome, welcome! Great first post for the challenge! I am on P. This is a go at your own pace, I am choosing to post one a week and started when it started. That means 15 weeks ago I guess. Time flies. I had to choose spring because I love to hike and that is when our creeks and waterfalls are the prettiest. I also love the spring flowers and how green everything gets.

    • Thanks Kim!
      Yes, Alibb also kindly inform me that I can participate in this challenge anytime I want.
      I plan to do it on a daily basis hopefully, I could finish it before 2020.

      Well, you are not alone, most of the voter so far love Spring 🙂
      I love spring for the color, I love the pastel and soft color.

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