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Absurd Reason to Have an Abortion

I don’t hide the fact that I don’t believe in abortions. However, I also understand that there could conceivably be extenuating circumstances, such as rape or incest. Still, there are a number of excuses that have been and are being used in an attempt to justify having an abortion. One of the most absurd reasons I’ve seen is, “I can’t financially take care of a child/another child. It would cause me hardship.”

I don’t mean to sound callous, but so what? My parents, aunts, and uncles were all raised during the great depression. My grandfather and grandmother did anything they could to provide for their 8 children at a time when there simply weren’t jobs, there wasn’t any sort of welfare system, and the best that could be hoped for was a grueling job that paid next to nothing. Nearly all of the food that reached the table was either grown, raised, or hunted/fished for. People couldn’t afford to have babies, but they had them anyway and suffered many true hardships, making many real sacrifices. 

In comparison to those times, even the poorest people in the US have it easy. When they talk about hardships in relation to having babies, they are really saying that having a child or another child would be inconvenient. 

There is a critical flaw in this excuse and I love how it was put in “The Physicians’ Crusade for the Unborn”:

“Why do you desire the destruction of your unborn infant?”

“Because I already have three children, which are as many as I can properly care for; besides, my health is poor, and I do not feel that I can do justice to what children I now have.”

“Your chief reason, then, is that you do not wish more children?”


“On this account you are willing to take the life of this unborn babe?”

“I must get rid of it.”

“I understand that you have already borne three children, and that you do not think you are able to care for more. Four children are, you think, one too many, and so you are willing to destroy one. Why not destroy one of those already born?”

“Oh, that would be murder!”

“It certainly would, but no more murder than it would be to kill this unborn infant. Indeed, the little one you are carrying in your womb has greater claims upon you than the little ones at home, by virtue of its entire dependence and helplessness. It is just as much your child as those whose faces are familiar to you, and whom you love.”

Apparently, though, there are quite a few women who don’t see how absurd this excuse is. Thankfully, the number of people who believe that unborn babies have every bit as much of a right to life as anyone else is much larger than abortion advocates thought. Interestingly, a majority of millennials are pro-life, which is not what the news media would have us believe.

I do believe that women have a choice in regard to their body. I also believe that in a vast majority of cases, they exercised that choice when the baby was conceived. Choices do have consequences, both negative and positive.

  • Do you think that a woman saying that she can’t afford a baby or another baby is justification for abortion?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not unless there is also a rape, incest, or possible death of the woman that’s involved
  • If you’ve had any children, have you ever sacrificed or suffered hardship because of the child or children?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I’ve never had kids

What do you think?

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Written by Rex Trulove

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    • I agree. In fact, my wife and I discussed it at length while she was pregnant the second time. At no time did we consider abortion or adoption, however, it was our joint decision that she would have her tubes tied after the birth, thus removing the issue entirely. I offered to have a vasectomy, but she wasn’t inclined to allow me to do that.

      As it happened, less than a year after the birth of our second child and after having her tubal litigation, she had to have her cervix removed for medical problems (cervical cancer), so the tubal wasn’t necessary, anyway. Still, that is certainly an option for women who don’t want any or more kids.

    • The Bible is crystal clear in regard to how God feels about children and how much He loves them. The bible is also clear that to God, it is a child from the time it is conceived, so the moment the egg becomes fertilized, it is a human life, biblically, and aborting it is definitely murder. It is also the murder of an innocent person who has no way to defend themselves.

  1. Great topic, and very painful. Abortion is not legal in my country and with what I believe, it’s not justifiable killing an innocent life inside the womb is same as murder, as you said, we all have equal right to live in this world.

    • Abortion is illegal in many countries. A lot of people in the US would freak out if they found out why it started being allowed in some areas. The notion is actually extremely racist and it is related to slavery.

  2. This is a painful subject for me and I look down on any women who would have an abortion because she felt she could not raise the child. So many people are looking to have children and cannot have them and would love to adopt as long as the children are available but give them a chance to live. The reasons this subject jabs at me is that I could have had two children. One was stillborn and one spontaneous loss after a gallbladder operation and I wound up with no children but at least my late husband had two children from his previous marriage. So any lady with no good excuse to get an abortion can get a punch in the nose from me to bring them to their senses.

    • It is a little different when you don’t actually abort the baby. You didn’t. Also, remember that Sarah was 90 years old when she gave birth to Abraham’s child, so amazing things can happen. You’re right, though, there are many options. In fact, there are a number of potential adoptive parents that will pay all medical costs, plus a tidy sum, just for a woman to carry the child to term so they can adopt it.

      I’ve spoken to many women who’ve had abortions. For the majority, they are sorry that they allowed it and if they had to do it all over again, they would have had the child.

  3. The lady in the story should have found some contraception a long time ago. One of my favorite movie lines is from an 80’s movie called ‘Hangin’ with the Homeboys’ in which the characters are talking about condoms – “Nonoxynol-9.” I don’t believe in abortion because abortion is derived from pagan rituals in which babies were sacrificed to the fire-god Molech (or Moloch depending on the spelling).

    • Exactly. The woman’s choice to have unprotected sex has the consequences of possible or even likely pregnancy. The male is at fault as well, but as pro-choice people keep saying, it is the woman’s body and her choice. That attitude rather excludes the male.

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