My relationship with balance of life

Besides the fact that balance is one of my three words-directions this year, balance is often used word used everywhere with and without need, while the concept itself is very subtle, almost elusive, and necessary. 

It is somehow accepted that balance is about such a calm and measured procession through life when everything is under control and there are enough time and resources for everything.

Well, it is customary to idealize and overestimate the balance. And not only balance. In life, such as, in general, it’s better to have everything under control: work, home, health, family, children, appearance, spirituality, communication, personal brand, development, finances. And so, therefore, to achieve this imaginary balance, for some reason, all indicators should strive for the highest possible.

Firstly, if you observe, you can see that life is an endless process, or rather, an endless process of endless interconnected processes. And the process itself is a development and a constant change of states in this development. The change of state is quick (emotions during the day), and it can be quite gradual (take, for example, the aging process). On this path, there are not only constantly growing indicators of well-being, improvement, and success, but also dramas, disappointments, fatigue, mistakes.

That is, in each period of time there is just not a balance, but rather a deviation from balance: either to one of your priorities, then to another, and if you don’t freak out, but calmly with pleasure deviate, then the stress becomes much less.

My measure of such a balance is not the assessment “I’m doing well everywhere”, but inner peace itself – I generally know where I’m going, and if there are surprises along the way, I can handle them.

And what is your relationship with balance?

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  1. My life’s balance right now is tilted a little more toward my quest for more writing and my want to keep writing than toward anything else. So I suppose with time when I feel my writing has achieved a comfortable place and my income more steady I will have to even out the balance and find time to do the things I want to do besides writing. Then I will have a true balance.

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