The Freeing of Oscar Pistorius

Those who have some sort of disability often exclaim they want to be treated as everyone else.  Of course, that’s not true.  If it was, the cold blooded killer without legs would not get away with murdering his girlfriend.

Remember the case, a man and a woman live together.  The woman goes to the bathroom.  The man takes a loaded gun and fires at the bathroom. Four shots, and she’s dead.

This was not an accident, this was an easy case of first degree murder.  Yet, he was sentenced to only thirteen years for cold blooded murder.

In other countries, the softest sentence a normal man would get would be life imprisonment.   But poor little legless Oscar is out in less than ten years.

The restrictions on Pistorius are so light that it is difficult to type them.  

He is to remain at home for certain hours, not drink alcohol, and not speak to the media.  That’s it.  Oh… and get therapy.

Would this sentence be imposed on a black man?  If the remnants of Apartheid didn’t exist, would a white man murdering his girlfriend be let off so easily?

The world stares in shock as Pistorius walks free,  proving ‘all animals are equal but pigs are more equal.’


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Written by jaylar

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