Another Lame Argument in Favor of Abortion

Some of the excuses that are used by the pro-abortion crowd to justify them being party to the taking of a human life are empty and crazy. One that I’ve heard used in an argument is actually an attempt to deflect from the issue. The argument is not only weak, but it is also meaningless.

The argument goes something like this, “How can people who are against abortion support the death penalty or support wars. Both of these take life.”

First of all, this argument acknowledges that an abortion takes the life of a human being.

As far as war, there are times when people and countries must fight for their freedom and right to survive. Very few like the idea of war, even if they are fighting in one, but at times, it is necessary. This has nothing to do with the taking of totally defenseless infants who have no chance at all and who have no means of fighting back.

As far as the death penalty, regardless if you agree with the death penalty or not, it should be obvious that this can’t be compared to abortion. People who are sentenced to death have committed crimes that warrant death. In other words, they are criminals and usually, they are responsible for the death of others. An unborn baby has committed no crime at all and certainly has nothing to be punished for, to the extent of killing them.

Along the same lines, there are pro-abortion individuals who try to equate the right to bear arms (gun ownership) as being in support of killing. Again, this is a deflection. Exceptionally few gun owners ever shoot another person and even fewer actually kill someone, but again, it can’t be compared to abortion. 

Pro-abortion advocates should be thankful that the two can’t honestly be compared. According to the CDC, the number of abortions per year is declining, but there are still over 600,000 abortions performed in the US per year. In comparison, though the two can’t honestly be compared, a little over 3,000 people per year are killed in an intentional homicide, unrelated to drugs or other crimes and using guns, each year. Some of those are also justifiable; to prevent someone from killing other people or to prevent rape or other violent crimes. 

The CDC’s abortion statistics are quite conservative and they’ve only been kept since 1970. However, from 1970 to 2015, nearly 46 million unborn infants have been aborted, according to the CDC. It should be said that at least this many have been aborted. The number of total un-crime related homicides for the same period is about 135,000. Also, in that period of time, guns have been used somewhere between 45 million and 135 million times to prevent crimes, thus saving far more lives than have been taken. Still, the two can’t be compared and it doesn’t come remotely close to justifying aborting unborn children.

We won’t even go into the fact that some pro-abortion advocates are trying to liken an unborn child to being a parasite. That is so absurd that the people who’ve made that claim have very little grasp on reality or biology. Such statements are a vain attempt at justifying a hideous action and it is a case of them desperately trying to find anything they can use to excuse the killing of an innocent.

  • Do you think that being in favor of the death penalty or in support of necessary wars is the same thing as abortion?

    • Yes
    • No
    • There is no way that the two things can be compared because they are totally different
  • Do you think that it is a reasonable thought that an unborn baby is nothing but a parasite in the woman’s womb?

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    • No
    • No

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Written by Rex Trulove

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  1. Any kind of abortion is not permitted and there should death penalty for such women who do , Abortion is supported by religious scripture only in one case, when the life of mother is in danger or baby is not growing in mother womb.

    • Thankfully, the majority of women agree that abortion shouldn’t be an option. I suspect that pro-abortion groups have been amazed at that statistic. Either that or they vainly try to deny it or don’t care what anyone else thinks. In the case of those who don’t care what anyone else thinks, they are basically saying that the only person in the world who is important is themselves.

      Of course, that is also totally against scripture.

    • Incorrect. Without a man being involved, no woman would ever become pregnant. Men are rather integral to the entire process. However, you are right. A woman has the right to do what she wants with her body, including having unprotected sex. After she becomes pregnant, however, she does NOT have the right to do anything she wants to the other life that is growing within her. The unborn child has just as much right to make a choice as the woman does (and did when she became pregnant).

      Incidentally, since you apparently like the name calling and saying that all men are Neanderthals, show me one woman except Mary who became pregnant without the sperm from a man.

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