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It’s hard to believe that this nation, who are the undisputed champions of humanitarian aid to the impoverished of the world. Their kindness is legendary and we the world deeply, deeply appreciate you for it from all countries under threat of tyranny and injustice, one form of a scourge, clearly rises above the rest, and that scourge is poverty and the country, if you haven’t guessed it yet, is America, land of the dream, sweet land of liberty for all of its citizens.

It is also a country where 6350 people are evicted from their homes, daily, for whatever reason, the root cause of all the evil in the world, is that when poverty escalates, for whatever reason, crime moves in. Americans are also abundantly blessed with resourcefulness, and generosity, as will be seen in the video. however, there are still too few that actually are aware that, the holiday cheer will not be experienced by at least 40 million of their own people, just spare one sincere thought for them during your festivities over the coming days. Merry Christmas. 

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