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It’s hard to believe that this nation, who are the undisputed champions of humanitarian aid to the impoverished of the world. Their kindness is legendary and we the world deeply, deeply appreciate you for it from all countries under threat of tyranny and injustice, one form of a scourge, clearly rises above the rest, and that scourge is poverty and the country, if you haven’t guessed it yet, is America, land of the dream, sweet land of liberty for all of its citizens.

It is also a country where 6350 people are evicted from their homes, daily, for whatever reason, the root cause of all the evil in the world, is that when poverty escalates, for whatever reason, crime moves in. Americans are also abundantly blessed with resourcefulness, and generosity, as will be seen in the video. however, there are still too few that actually are aware that, the holiday cheer will not be experienced by at least 40 million of their own people, just spare one sincere thought for them during your festivities over the coming days. Merry Christmas. 

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  1. I wonder what Jesus Christ did really mean when he said that, that “the poor will be always with us.”

    Why are these people poor, and others rich, is it their own doing, or not?

    Love is never poor, nor is God, so if these people are poor, they are in effect not feeling the love of God, nor trusting in it that God provides for all.

    And so the poor will always be poor, because of their own mentality, mindset, and aversion, lack of courage or heart, to follow God, despite their current situations.

    That might seem to be a harsh answer, but the responsibility for the living of our own lives, must always rest with ourselves.

    • One cannot reason with a lack of faculty. Speculation about origins of infinity or divinity is pointless as it will eternally remain conjecture and speculation and quite baseless and, frankly, smacks of absurdity, as this classic example in Habakuk 3:3 where the querent, then begs an intelligible response. Your harsh judgment of the poor at large being the byproduct of their own loveless, inferior minds, a finite criticism of God the creator’s handiwork and his son’s chief purpose, being that of tending the needs of these hapless lesser beings, his stock in trade, as it were. The apparent origin of judgment seems to emanate from your subconscious mind, (God?), the bane of all mortality, (man/you/me) is swift to criticize your zealous comment about poverty and the poor lest you should perish for your utterances at a time and place other than that of your own design, you deftly execute an about-face in your final comment, here, “That might seem to be a harsh answer,” Abide by those final words, lest you should hang by your tongue.

      • Some of us, me included, think that we are more than just our Earthly body. I feel that we have a higher self, or a soul self as well.

        These souls live an extended life, not just as a human in a body, and to presume that these poor people are what they appear to be on their surface is often a mistake, because they have often chosen this way of life, at some level or another.

        It is true that others have had it thrust upon them, but it is hard for anyone, not them, to answer for them, and so it is like the old lady standing at a edge of a busy road who is helped across it by a bystander, thinking he is doing good, whereas the truth was this lady did not want to cross, but was merely observing the traffic on the road, filling in time in this way, as she often liked to do.

    • Yes, Linda, but in the video, there is no assistance coming from the government and bureaucracy at large. The government is even helping to evict tenants who have fallen in arrears by as short a time as 5 days, at gunpoint, like common criminals via law enforcement. Even begging is a crime in certain cities and dumpsters are state-owned waste receptacles and removing anything from there amounts to theft.

  2. I answered yes to your poll but I have to elaborate a bit. Some of the homeless are there for reasons for which we can do nothing about. They may be drug addicts or mentally ill. I can’t do anything to help them and, in the case of drug addicts, I feel no responsibility to do anything. In the case of the mentally ill, there is nothing I can do as an individual. I accept that.

  3. I think that the government has to look for solutions about the homeless and to make decisions based on their basic needs to begin with housing. I often wonder about what the homeless are thinking and if all of them are so desperate. I clearly saw when I lived in Riga, Latvia that there were homeless who chose to be that way. One fellow sat most days begging under a tunnel that led to the Central Market and had through traffic of many people every day. He also had two dogs. In the late afternoon, he emerged from the tunnel and in a grassy spot beneath the railroad tracks let his dogs have a run, met with friends, had some beer and the next day it was back to the tunnel. Where he and the dogs lived it was my guess that his friends rotated him about their homes.

    • Yes, Sandra, I’m sure most of them, perhaps even all of them are in some way or other, charlatans like that, unfortunately. Jesus did say in Mathew 26:11 that, “the poor will be with us always” so they are in effect, perpetual role-players in His pantomime. He did say it in another context, though, in case someone will hasten to remind me that He implied that He, Jesus, would soon be put to death and so, the expensive oil was to anoint his feet as a Jewish death ritual and that it was appropriate to use it on Him.

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