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2019 Novel Coronavirus Has Made Its Way to Kenya

I thought Kenya would be exempted from being invaded by the 2019 novel coronavirus. It appears this virus is determined to reach to almost all countries. 

With over 3,000 deaths and over 100,000 people infected, the disease has caused panic to the point people are acting weirdly. This has led to a rise of myths or misinformation related to the disease. 

Again, a Chinese official has said the virus was intentionally brought to China by US soldiers for…(what reason? Not yet told).

It is not good to label the 2019-nCoV as a Wuhan coronavirus/disease or Chinese disease. It doesn’t rhyme with scientific facts about diseases.

World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the disease a pandemic. There is some concession that if Chinese government didn’t cover up the outbreak of the disease by silencing doctors who identified it, the disease would have been contained earlier.

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    • Yes, this outbreak would have been contained earlier but the Chinese government underplayed it. It has been discovered the virus began wrecking havoc in November. Now, the rest of us are paying the price as you’ve stated.

          • China took a different track. Doesn’t care about politics, human rights, only money. So it comes in, captures an economy, destroys local industries. It does it by the workers who are to build a road bringing in their families who open businesses and sell Chinese good and treat the locals like dirt.

          • It reminds me of Chinese who own a restaurant here. A local worker was working there. He did a mistake. A video was captured of a Chinese chef whipping the Kenyan man for a mistake he did.
            I don’t have a problem with Chinese working in my country, investing or opening small businesses. The problem is how many of them treat the locals like dirt. There was a Chinese who insulted the president and was deported.
            The Chinese government is benefitting in making developing countries dependable on them. If humans only acted as humans…

  1. We already have over 100 cases of infection ….. They have taken drastic measures to limit the virus …. I personally am not afraid of it because the mortality rate is not so great and it most of all affects older and more frail people

  2. The first case was discovered in our country in early March. Today, drastic measures are taken (forbidden gathering of people, closed all schools, kindergartens … canceled all events including sports, shows, etc.).

    • He stated when the US soldiers went to Wuhan which was holding international army athletic. This is in opposition to the leader of CDC in China who stated the virus jumped from an animal to human.

      • that is simply not true. If the released such a toxin they would also have been infected. The US would have been site two, not Italy.

        blame is a funny game, be careful when you use it! that is what I would tell the Chinese official!

        • That is true, blaming is a bad game especially when there are no facts to back it. Scientists worldwide have agreed the virus jumped from a not-yet-known animal.
          There are also assumptions that HIV and Ebola were manufactured by USA. Again, it is said it is Chinese government who made the virus. In all of these, no facts have been provided to prove their assertions.

    • You are right. If it was a Chinese, things would have turned out soar.
      Some Chinese nationals were bullied by some Kenyans and called Chinese coronas. The government warned the citizens against such behavior and anyone who does that will be taken good care by the law.

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