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Whatipu Beach

Whatipu Beach is at the North head end of the Manukau harbour. There is a direct road from Titirangi that takes you out there.

You need to travel by car, no other way. 

Whatipu Beach is at the end of that road. It is tar sealed road until just after Huia, and to drive from there to Whatipu is a road that goes through the Waitakere ranges, very high, narrow on metal roads, and windy roads, with sheer drops on one side of the road. I have done it but you just have to be patient and have a cool head.

When you get to the beach, leave no rubbish there. There are toilets and some signage telling you about the ecology of Whatipu, but that is it.

You need to be reasonably fit to walk to the beach, there is the beach and also some caves. My husband is partly crippled and we could not go to the caves.

The thumbnail picture is Whatipu beach, from a track and you are looking at nine pin rock on the beach.

#1 Watipu road when you get to the beach

The landscape here is different and is unusual but I like it

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#2 Whatipu Fishermen

You are looking over the water to the Awhitu Peninsula, the South head of the Manukau harbour.

This was a site for an old wharf in earlier days. Probably, my great grandfather Dr Tresidder came here on a barque with his wife, Mary. They would get on an old barque with his Dr's bag and go on the Manukau harbour to treat sick people all over the Manukau in the late 1980s.

Now people fish for what ever food they can get. You have to put the very small fish back its the law, and if you don't let the small fish go, there will be no more fish to catch

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#3 Nine Pin Rock

Did you notice the lighthouse on top of it.

It is there for a very good reason

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#4 People on Whatipu beach

Note, black sand or iron sand

#5 Over all Whatipu Beach

A surf board is carried

#6 Paratutae Island

You can easily walk to Paratutae island. Pronounced like 

Para tu tie

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#7 Sandwich rock

Just a land mark

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#8 Another view of Whatipu beach

Nice place to go

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  1. I am not a big fan of beaches because they usually entail heat, sunshine and a lot of people. But the beach you presented seems very remote, quiet (except for birds and other critters I am sure) and a lovely area to explore and be by yourself. It is too bad it is on the other side of the world from me as you would be seeing me trailing and leaving my footprints on it…

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