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Nihotapu Dam – Part 2

This is more of Nihotapu Dam , some more views of it.

You may see the other part of Nihotapu Dam from my other post.

The Nihotapu Dam in the Waitakere Ranges – Part 1

Nihotapu Dam Spillway

See the Waitakere Ranges in the background.

Nihotapu Spill way

This is another view. I take the photos of all views

  1. That may really be great Ghostwriter, as we have had about 2-3 days of rain over 3 months of summer. Really hot, humid (about 80-90% humidity) for 3 months and weather has been really awful apart from the fact of the positive side of some fruit being produced.
    Poor sheep and farm animals are starving.

Nihotapu Bridge

Water under the bridge going through the water purification plant.

Another view of Nihotapu Dam Spillway

It goes under the bridge. Part of Auckland's water way

Close up of Nihotapu Dam water spillage

close up view

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