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What can we see in Paris – the capital of France

Robin Biznis July 2.2018 Belgrade, Serbia

If you decide to visit France and its capital Paris, it’s hard to decide what to visit and what to see.

Of course, each city has its own specific attractions.

Looking at many tourist catalogs, I decided to give you what I would like to see in Paris. And this is also a proposal for you:

In this way, we meet and informed about cities and states, even though we are not their inhabitants.

Of course, the choice I would like to see in a new city depends exclusively on you.

1. Anyone who loves art, of course, first goes to the Louvre. Louvre is a museum with the highest number of visitors in the world.

This museum has the largest collection of artworks, it’s impossible to list everything, it’s even hard to see everything and remember it.

But the smile of the famous Leonardo de Vinci’s Mona Liza, will surely remain in your memory.

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2. The Eiffel Tower is a powerful symbol of France, as well as a statue of freedom in New York. If you have to wait in line and pay the ticket, you see Eiffel Tower definitely because of its height.

But the real experience is that from the tower below you see Paris, a city of light.

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3. Cathedral of Notre Dame

A lot of money has been invested in building a magnificent cathedral. It was built in Gothic style. It is difficult to say whether beauty is viewed from the outside or from the inside ..

It has become a trademark of the city of Paris.

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4. Who comes with the kids to Paris, of course, will visit Disneyland

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I would personally visit Montmartre and  walk through the Elisee fields, have a cup of coffee in a Paris bistro.

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He admired the square of Concorde and walked past the Sena River.

You see everything in Paris, so you really need to be there for a long time .

Then you could see Versailles, the Loire Valley, the Triumphal Gate, the Roman amphitheater in Nima, the Mulen Rose, and much more.

I would, if allowed, fish in the river Sena I’d like to know what kind of fish are there.

Probably the city is the most beautiful in the night.

It’s just that I’m afraid I will never find out.

Here we were together a little in Paris, the capital of France, which is in Europe.


What do you think?


  1. When I think of Paris France, my first thought is the Eiffel Tower and then those two super heroes who have a cartoon series called “Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir.” which kind reminds of Spider-Man and Black Cat but with the genders reversed.

  2. I’ve never been to Paris before, but I would really love to some day. I would particularly like to visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame. It looks stunning.