Sports days are ahead of us

Robin Biznis June 22.2018 Belgrade, Serbia

Sports events. Football, Wimbledon, Tour de France

This and next month are rich in sports events. There are many sports transfers on our TV screens. I’m not sure that our wives are satisfied. They prefer the movie series.

I personally watch soccer occasionally. When Serbia plays then I’m in front of the screen.

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I look at giants in Vibeld, Nadal, Federer, Djokovic etc.

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Still I am eagerly waiting tour de Franse.

Tur de Franse has a rich history and tradition.

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The first race was held far back in 1903. With Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a Espanya, it’s still the only grand race.

On the race we participate the best teams. The winner of the race gets a yellow shirt and the last day of the race with her triumphantly enters Paris where the end of the race.

I will mention only some of the best bikers in the world who have won the Tour. Edi Merks, Bernard Ino. Greg Lemond, Lens Armstrong, Alberto Kontador, Kris Frum, Migel Indurain etc.

Just to explain why I like to watch this race.

I have never been to France. I do not have the opportunity to leave.

And so while the race lasts, and the cyclists are racing I am watching France. I’m watching its natural beauty, cities, old abbeys, castles and the Alps.

In doing so, I find out everything about it, because the commentator is a tourist guide.

It’s the same with Giro de Italy and Vuelta, a race around Spain.


What do you think?


  1. Though I am not that interested in sports I too enjoy the Tour de France for the reason getting to see the country and hear from the guide.

    By the way, the photo you used for this post is stunning!

  2. I edit Tourism-related material, with a great many of the theses and dissertations that I edit being about FIFA. I’m even down to watching a bit of some games now – not too bad!!

  3. Soon…
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