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The slides that launched a project, and a blog series! Welcome to the very first images I ever scanned. Well, that isn’t true. These are the first slides my father gave me, from my grandfather to see how the scanning would work. The images are of the Wisconsin River, Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. How many times can you say Wisconsin in the creation of a single place? Apparently at least three! My grandfather lived in the Dells after returning home from WWI. He served in the 101st cavalry although he did not go to Europe. He was in the 101st at the end of the war and stayed stateside.

My grandfather was a prolific photographer, but the Wisconsin River was his Muse. First off, all of these pictures were taken between 1956 and 1972. My grandfather was introduced to photography by his eldest daughter Barbara in 1956. Aunt Barbara also introduced my dad to photography. Aunt Barbara was a huge influence on my father growing up. That explains why he took so many slides later on.

Back to the Dells, My grandfather often mused around the river. The very first picture in the series is a place that he returned to often, and photographed many family members at. My grandmother was not often in the pictures; she wasn’t a big fan of photos. Some of my all-time favorite pictures were taken around the Wisconsin River with my grandfather. My parents had moved to Chicago before I was born, but I remember the river!


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  1. Thanks for sharing those views from so long ago. Wouldn’t it be interesting to go to those spots and take new shots? So glad you can enjoy the memories of your relatives.

    • I have for many of them. Last year we went to Copenhagen, and took pictures of the Little Mermaid, from the same location my father and I took the same picture many years before!