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I’ve shared the Christmas pictures before, but today wanted to talk a little about family Christmas. This past year was the second time since we move to Maryland that we didn’t go back to Idnaian for family Christmas celebrations.  For the nine years we lived in Cincinnati Ohio we would drive over on Christmas Eve and spend the two or three days with my family. When we lived in Greenwood, we did a small family celebration at our house and then went down to Bloomington. Maryland is a little longer (10 hours) drive, but we’ve made all but two sines moving. The first one we missed was because I was sick (an inner ear infection) and this last one so that we could celebrate Christmas with our daughter.

Christmas was a big deal for my grandparents (on both sides). We would trek from Indiana to Wisconsin and visit both families throughout the three or four days we would spend there. There was always snow on the ground.  That meant sledding on my grandparent’s hill that leads to lake Ripely. The holiday season was a wonderful time to have fun. When I was little, I didn’t think there was anything ever better than the time leading up to Christmas. It was seeing family, getting gifts and the magic of waiting for Santa. I have so many wonderful memories of that time when I was little. The wonder and joy of opening a present and seeing family was magical.

Then I became a parent. There is something about being a parent that makes Christmas and the holidays even more magical. Now instead of waiting for presents to open, you plan giving presents. I learned early on how special that is. To give presents to another person is a really great experience. I love that so much now. In fact, I’ve come to realize that when I was a kid I experienced the magic of Santa. As an adult, that magic is still there, but now it is there both as the magic of Santa and the magic of being Santa. So much more now than it was then. Now I am hoping that someday we will have grandchildren. I wonder if that magic grows even more!


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  1. Christmas is the most beautiful holiday for me. I’m lucky to have the whole family in the vicinity and so we can celebrate together. From my own experience, I assure you that you will be even better Santa when you have grandchildren. ?


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