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Wander project what my father saw…

We’ve wandered away today from the Wisconsin river to the other folder. The first picture is of our family around 1971. We had moved from the apartment in Tulip Tree down to a house in Sherwood Oaks. By the crow less than 4 miles. But to me, it seemed like we moved across the land. I remember, one thing about moving from Chicago and that one thing we’re getting out of a Uhaul truck. It was a rental truck; it may not have been a U-Haul they are just the big name in that world. I do remember more about moving to Sherwood Oaks. Not that I was worried, I was excited. I remember living in an apartment in Skokie Illinois. I remember the house we had in a Chicago Burb as well.

Sherwood Oaks is the first house I remember. The first place I have more than fleeting memories of or that I recall. Many of these pictures have my father in them; they were taken by my grandfather. The first picture is of us on the shore of Lake Michigan. A few of the others are in our backyard in Sherwood Oaks. A couple of me holding my baseball bat like Ernie Banks (my all-time favorite baseball player). My father (with help from my sister and I) put together the geodesic dome. Dad was fascinated by the dome. We loved climbing on it. We didn’t have a swing set then. The backyard was fenced, so this is either towards the end of MacGregor’s life or that period between MacGregor and Phoebe.

Phoebe was our Newfoundland. MacGregor was a collie. He came to live with us after we bought the house. Based on timing I suspect the pictures are around 1971. We moved to Sherwood Oakes in 1969. MacGregor joined us shortly after we moved to the house. Originally he used to have a run that was a wire strung in the back yard. We didn’t have a fence. That was added later. Mac, the collie, was my father’s dog. I remember Mac fondly. I remember my grandparents as well. It seems difficult sometimes to look at these pictures and remember the people in them, that is no longer more than memories. MacGregor was our first dog, in Indiana. Anna Banna (a Dauchund) was our first dog, but she stayed in Chicago. Graduate student housing back in the 1960s wasn’t a great place to have a dog.


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  1. Who is the kid in the middlemost? He resembles one of the twins. Lovely picture, btw. I hate moving houses. When I was still living in the metropolis, we moved few times. I usually moved to a place closer to workplace because it takes me eons to prepare in the morning ???


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