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Wander project water, camping and memories…

Wandering on the boat requires a visit with Captain Lars. He, the good captain, lives on the boat during boating season. Originally Lars, along with two of his cousins, joined our family in Gelsinger Norway. He and his cousins rode in my suitcase back to Maryland.  As we wandered in from the Bay, we quietly moved past the camp that is across the river. The music and kids running around reminded me of camping as a kid. Camping was always an experience. As a Junior in High School, the young man that lived with us (his parents wanted him to get a college degree in the US) and I went off on a canoeing adventure. We put the canoe in at Allen’s Creek.

We set up the tent and enjoyed a weekend away from the world! I remember the battery operated radio and canoeing from the launch pad to the place we picked. Allen’s creek was houseboat alley when I was younger. More houseboats tied to each other to create a huge party platform. We camped all around Allen’s Creek over the years. Beyond Allen’s creek, there were several state parks. Brown County State Park, was a favorite camping place when I was a little older. We also camped in Springmill, McCormick’s Creek State Park, and many others. Camping and canoeing around the lake were always fun. There were several great locations around Lake Monore.

There were other locations as well including Crooked Creek, Paynestown on Lake Monroe. Each had its unique flavor of camping — crooked Creek was wilder than the others. You had to be careful where you set your tent up, or you would have visitors (cold-blooded) at night. One time while camping at Crooked Creek, we watched a Natrix (water snake) drag a catfish out of the water and tried to swallow it. Paynetown was more of a pleasure craft, small boat location. Fairfax was the beach and also where the big marina on the lake was. Four Winds was the big marina on Lake Monore. The bigger boats and houseboats all tended to dock at the Four Winds Marina.

Ah, memories we drift away with you always!

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I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. We used to go camping growing up but never saw those water snakes going after the catfish. We would see water moccasins. Our dogs would always come home with bites from those. Is that the same as a water snake?

  2. Camping has always thrilled me … I was pumping a lot … I spent all my holidays in a tent … it’s no better when you’re so connected with nature … now I’m too old to roll on the pillows … I’m going to go to the apartment … maybe I’m thinking of car home and coming back to nature

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