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Wander project water and our When Harry Met Sally Story

Water relaxes me. Just the pictures of and the memories of relax me. But being on the water makes the week easier for me to move through. One of the side conversations I’ve been having here on Virily was about the movie “When Harry Met Sally.” During that movie, there are vinegar, or cuts, scenes of couples talking about how they met, and the resulting relationship. My wife and I love that movie, and a few years ago (oh say 28) I created our “When Harry Met Sally Story.” I started to share that in a comment on Virily and realized that I should probably share the entire story. It is one that I’ve told and retold over the years many times. My wife has a variation of the story as well.

The first time, my wife and I met we were both in High School. She was a senior, and I was a freshman. On April 1st of that only year we shared in High School, my wife wore a white rabbit suit to school. Now, knowing my wife now, I understand why she wore the suit. But as a freshman, I came up to where she was in the freshman hallway, and asked her, “Do you have the time?” I assumed that she was the White Rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland.” She was not, looked at me as if I was an alien, and walked away. That was the first time we met.

The second time we met, I was with a bunch of friends (we were dreaming of being a band at the time). My friend had a friend, who worked at one of my ALL TIME favorite restaurants in Bloomington, Indiana, The Trojan Horse. He said he thought we would hit it off. He introduced me to the waitress, also a college student but, nothing clicked. We talked, but that was it. We went our separate ways, again!

The next time we met was a double introduction. The first was an interesting evening. My best friend and I used to go to a place in Bloomington called J Aruthers. We would go there on a Friday and a Saturday night to dance. That evening he invited my wife to join us. I was in the final stages of a relationship with a different person, and he brought along this person to introduce us. She was a parent of a child in his class at the Bloomington Developmental Learning Center where he was teaching. She had, the previous weekend, asked him if he knew any nice guys. He said no, but there is my roommate. We talked a bit, and things seemed different thing time. But I was in the midst of a breakup.

That next week, having ended the previous relationship, my roommate toles me he was inviting someone over for dinner. I was making cookies for my class and potato soup. It was the same woman from J Aruthers. We started talking while waiting for my roommate (it was a setup, he never showed). She was interested in why I was making cookies; I told her I had promised my class if they read 100 books that year, that I would make them cookies. This was the last time we were introduced. We started dating that night. We’ve been together ever since. The first time we met my wife was in a Rabbit suit. It wasn’t the bunny from Alice in Wonderland; it was the rabbit from Harvey. She mentioned on our 3rd date that an obnoxious freshman had approached her and assumed that she was the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I had to admit that Freshman was me.


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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