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Today’s pictures are from a moment in time. The sad reality of pictures is that they often share things that are no more. The birthday cake candles burning for a birthday now long past. The homemade cake a moment of sharing, of family and bad singing. A couple of the singers off-key. But the song is one we all know, so the off-key voice doesn’t matter. We celebrate the moment. That moment when a child arrives. In the words of the song by Harry Chapin “Cats in the cradle” the child arrives in the usual way. Each birthday is then celebrated with more and more candles. Then suddenly we stop. It is not that the day no longer holds the value it is that we no longer need to share that day.

Corky was my sister’s dog. He was down visiting my parents for the event that day. We didn’t often bring Fran, and we seldom brought Gwen. Gwen did not get along, nor did Fran with any of the other dogs. At the time of these pictures, mom and dad had West Highland Terriers. The two Fred and Jess ruled the house. Corky was there because he was still young, and didn’t have the where to go to the bathroom rules down yet (house training).  Corky was a Bishond; both of my sisters had one. I don’t remember much about corky, I saw him many times, but he wasn’t a dog that I interacted with. I am not as good with small dogs, and I don’t like the yapping and barking.

The first pictures, but the last in the text is of a spider. The spider was on my parent’s back porch. You can, in the first picture see that it had strung its web between two plants. I enjoyed taking pictures of the beautiful creature. With its web strung it was going to remove many flying pests form the environment, dad, and mom’s back porch. If you look at the web you can see the shock cord. That is the wound section of the web that connects to a plant or tree, and when the insect lands, its struggles don’t destroy the web because the shock cord carries that moved away from the web itself. You don’t see any insects on the web at the time of the picture, the next time we came, it had quite a few insects, but I didn’t have my camera.

spider from my parents back porch

up close and personal

a birthday cake!

corky, my sisters dog.

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