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Tradition, for many years, we lived in Indiana. Our cultures on holidays were different. First, the days were more focused on the kids. Second, we were close enough to my wife’s and my parents the last couple of years, that we were able to see both sets of parents on major holidays. I miss those days sometimes. But now it is different. What was the driver when the kids were little is not the driver anymore. Now we can look at things. Differently makes me think of the old song line “I can see how the rain is gone” fits here. Not that kids were ever rain, you have to plan differently with kids involved than without. Yesterday I shared pictures of Chicago, taken while the twins and I were on a beach.

We had to be there because there was an adult thing going on, and there would have been considerable frustration if the twins got antsy. How are six-year-old kids supposed to e anything other than antsy when told to sit for three hours. So I took the kids to the beach. Yes, they missed the event, but in the end, there histrionics and anger were also avoided. You plan differently for kids than you do when you don’t have kids in the picture. But you also plan differently depending on who is going—my wife loves to plan. We have initial conversations, the two of us, and she then will go off and research our discussion. She will come back and have much more information.

She is a planner. But, she is flexible in the sense that I like to experience a place on foot. That is not her first choice, but it is now. So we go to someplace we haven’t been, and we walk.  The reality of who you got with also changes plans. Finally, the reality of where you are going enters the picture.  When you are traveling via car or plane, you pack differently. I can remember when the kids were little family multi-day outings involved lots of stuff. I can remember carrying a backpack, a bag on wheels, and pushing a stroller through the airport when the twins were little. They didn’t care; they were riding!  Where, why, and of course, who are the critical questions when traveling.

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