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wander project through my father's camera lens 8

I have film and pictures of Wisconsin Winters. It helped from time to time as I shelved the snow, to see well much more snow — these pictures were taken by father in various locations around Wisconsin. When I was a little kid, I used to love going to my grandparent’s house in the winter. They had this amazing hill that went all the way down to the Lake. By December the lake was frozen enough that you could drive a car across it (and many people did). We would fly down the hill on the toboggan. I also have my grandfather’s old films that he took when they first moved to Wisconsin back in the late 1940s. The snowfall that year was epic, feet of snow not inches.

They always measure snowstorms in inches not feet. When they start the storm forecast with 3 feet of snow, you begin to realize it is a serious snow storm. The folder the slides were in, or tray was called Winter. I would be based on the amount of snow in various pictures postulate that it represents some different days. It certainly, based on composition and content represents some locations. These are not warm pictures. They are cold pictures. Of course, the world around me now in the Maryland area is cold. I guess it is only fitting, although I suspect the wander to the warm project is going to take over fairly soon and I will post pictures of places that are warm!

I do miss a day of sledding and then some of grandpa’s hot cocoa. He always had the fun small marshmallows when he made hot cocoa! I remember as a kid, the adults would all have a drink at the end of the day. My grandmother, grandfather always having a High ball. Grandpa always made the grandkids a kiddie cocktail with a Marinchino Cherry in it! I remember feeling part of what was going on because of that. Childhood at times is all about the quest to be an adult. Then you realize when you are an adult that being an adult is all about the quest to return to childhood!

From an old film to old pictures, there was a lot of snow in Wisconsin. I remember waiting and wishing to there and be sledding. The memory of hot cocoa keeps me warm now!


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