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wander project through dad's eyes

It is an adage, like father like son. Although it is interesting my father and both traveled. Dad traveled to countries that were beginning to develop. He wandered many nations helping them build their science education systems. I traveled to nations that were more developed and helped them implement more diverse and structured IT systems. We both traveled. I didn’t however, go to some of the places dad did. Africa and in particular South Africa was a trip dad got to take, that well I am jealous of. We are wandering through the last pictures dad took. They come from the memory cards he had in a drawer. I don’t know if he ever looked at these.

He would, back then take a memory card insert in the camera and shoot until it was full. Then he would buy a new memory card. He placed the full ones in a box on the right side of his desk. I don’t know if he looked at them. I do know he stored them. I found 23 memory cards ranging n size from 2 gigs to 16 gigs. All of them except two were full of pictures. One of was of files from Dad’s computer. There were a few pictures on his computer as well. I know, having told dad many times that the memory cards were risky (they last from 10-12 years max) he didn’t listen. But, I also know in fairness I didn’t always listen to my parents, so I guess turnabout is fair.

I suspect that happens with all parents and children. I know it has happened as well with my children. I know, but they don’t have the opportunity. In order to hear, you have to want to listen. I do truly understand that because I did it to my parents. I do, at times get caught up in that moment where it is a little harder to accept. As a parent, there are many hard jobs. The hardest one is letting your children fail. It comes within us to protect our children. Failure is painful, but sometimes we have to let our children fail. They, the child, need to learn the reality of the world. A failure is an option. Life is not a box of chocolates; it is, in fact, a box that can have candy or can be full of poisonous snakes.

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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. South Africa must be a beautiful country. I can tell from my experience that sometimes opinions or views of parents and children differ. We ourselves have to decide when to persevere and when should the children decide on their own.


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