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wander project the bag with me!

The concept of a bag. I use the bag in my reviews from time to time (would you carry it in your bag). But the bag was my lifeline for many years. You see, what you could put in that bag, was ultimately what was available for you on the plane. When I first traveled to Europe, I had no airline status. I know poor baby, but the reason that was important for me at the time was my company did not pay for upgrades. I had to wait until I had the old paper upgrade tickets and hope that I would get upgraded. Let me for a moment wax poetic about bags. First, the bag had to be big enough to carry all the things I had with me. But it couldn’t just be crammed full.

You had to be able to fit it under a seat. You had to be able to have pockets to separate various things. Back in the early 2000s, you didn’t have 8-hour battery life on your phone. My PocketPC phone would last 5 hours max. So I had to have two or three charged batteries with me. Even back then charged batteries set off the detectors of the metal detectors at airports around the world. I realize, now, that there are two types of bag carriers — those who live and work in the same city, and those who travel to where they work. You, in either case, approach the bag you carry differently. My shoulder started hurting about 14 years ago, so I switched to a rolling bag. I stopped traveling as much eight years ago but still use the rolling bag.

There was a time, though, when that backpack had my life in it. I had batteries for my phone — a second barrier for my media player (An Archos, I loved that device!).  Plus, a second battery for my laptop. On a 9,12 or 25 hour flight when I first started traveling you didn’t have USB or AC plugs under or at the base of your seat. Many planes do now, but then it wasn’t an option. So you carried everything in your bag. I wish I had known that carrying the bag on one should be a bad idea then. But it wasn’t something I thought about. My goal was to get off the plane and get to where I was going as quickly as possible. In my bag (I always checked one bag) I had chargers for all my devices. I just had to make it to the hotel!

(all pictures from Dublin)

i love boats!

Dublin harbor

Dublin harbor, too much sun

conference system of old

ah my bag, ready to roll for more adventures


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  1. Great photos. I had a friend whose job always had him going somewhere he kept a bag near the door always ready to go just unpacking some things when necessary and repacking when needed or when something had to be added. With this kind of usage, he usually ran through two bags per year.

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