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Wander project sunset in Seattle

The song says “it never rains in Southern California.” The adage that is used for Seattle is “Children in Seattle don’t age, they rust.” It often rains but not much in Seattle. By often there are many days in the year when measurable rainfalls. But the total amount of rain that falls is much less than in other places in the US. I have however been in Seattle with days like you’ll see in one of the pictures. With the sun setting over the harbor and a beautiful blue sky. I have, for many years said, when it is sunny in Seattle it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The city is friendly, and the harbor is beautiful. Plus, if you are in downtown Seattle you can visit the space needle and the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

My favorite author, Tom Robbins, lived in Seattle for many years. Starbucks was founded in Seattle. Right across the street from the Pike Street Fish Market. The Pike Street fish market has been featured in many movies. My favorite was the movie, Free Willy. Why? Because I have seen that scene 200 times because my daughter watched that movie all the time. The market is famous for the thrown fish. You order snapper, and instead of getting snapped you get the fish thrown. Not to or at you, but your fish goes form the back area of the market to the front via air. It is fun to watch, and I have gone many times to watch the flying fish. One year I went and got smoked salmon for my parents.

I also often brought smoked salmon home for my wife and me to enjoy. I think wandering Pike Street over the years, and I stopped many times. I would also walk down Pike Street to the harbor. The Harbor is on both sides of the City Center area. There is a wharf in the city center where the ferries dock. Those who live on either side of the Puget Sounds arrive at downtown Seattle for work. They don’t drive. The city also has harbor cruises that leave from the wharves in the center. The commercial harbor is on both sides, but far away from the center. I used to walk both ways along the shore when I was in Seattle. It was relaxing. Now, if I was at work, I wasn’t often downtown. But that is a different story!

the foothills of the Rockies from the air

The sun does shine, and set in Seattle

it is the only way to start the day!

Morning rising behind Mount Rainier


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